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United Hatzalah- First Response that Saves Lives

In 2006, following the Second Lebanon War, United Hatzalah founder Eli Beer discerned the short circuit in communication between assorted rescue parties. He determined to found an association that would unite all rescue units in Israel under a single umbrella organization, thus creating an effective and efficient national system that would augment the safety of Israeli citizens and save more lives.
With the inter-organizational cooperation spearheaded by United Hatzalah and its national 1221 Emergency Hotline that operates 24/7, volunteers are dispatched to emergency scenes all over the country, realizing our goal of saving lives until the arrival of the ambulance.
With more than 5,000 trained volunteers operating out of 50+ branches throughout Israel, we’ve reduced the average response time in emergencies to 90 seconds!

What’s so unique about United Hatzalah?

At United Hatzalah, we’re constantly adapting to meet the needs of the community and save the lives of victims wherever they may be. In traffic-congested cities, we reinforce our Ambucycles Unit which effectively cuts through heavy traffic to reach and save the lives of a choking child, accident victim, or senior citizen suffering a heart attack or stroke and stabilize him or her until the ambulance arrives.
In the summer, United Hatzalah Divers leap into speedboats to rescue drowning victims before it’s too late.

United Hatzalah boasts a wide range of units and volunteers who operate in all fields of rescue with all-terrain, ranger and emergency vehicles, search-and-rescue drones, speedboats, and vehicles outfitted with advanced technology that was specially imported to Israel. At United Hatzalah, we’re constantly seeking to advance, innovate, and incorporate resourceful ideas, methods, technology and equipment into our system that bring us closer to our goal of saving more lives!

Ten Kavod, United Hatzalah’s flagship project, assists Israel’s elderly and Holocaust survivors. Developed in response to several tragic circumstances in which volunteers were summoned to the home of a senior citizen only to discover that he or she had already lain dead for several days, Ten Kavod engages volunteers around the country who visit with senior citizens living alone once a week, supervise them medically, and offer companionship and emotional support.

In times of tragedy, terror incidents, and war, United Hatzalah’s Psychotrauma and Crisis Unit is on hand to bestow emotional first aid and reduce emotional damage, because emotional injury—like physical injury—cannot be left untreated.

Hundreds of female volunteers in United Hatzalah’s Women’s Unit offer professional medical and emotional support to women in times of medical crisis and loss.

As an integral aspect of United Hatzalah’s mission of saving lives and minimizing emergency response time, we launched our Safe Family course which has trained thousands of parents in basic CPR and, over time, has spared hundreds of children from death by choking.

Why Israel needs United Hatzalah?

· In the last year alone, United Hatzalah was the first responder in 295,000 emergencies. Many of these patients’ and victims’ lives were clearly saved as a result of the quick response time.

· Since its inception, over 3,000,000 citizens in Israel have been helped by United Hatzalah volunteers.

· United Hatzalah ensures that there are thousands of first responders available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

· United Hatzalah is the first responder in 1,100 daily emergencies, the first to save lives.

Who supports United Hatzalah?

United Hatzalah is a not-for-profit association and does not request payment for responding to and stabilizing the lives of patients and victims. Our mission of saving lives is made possible only by you and other generous donors around the world who support our work.
This year, we’ve modified our annual Raffle so that the Grand Prize can truly change the winner’s life with an apartment valued at approximately 1,600,000 NIS, just like his donations changes the lives—and gives life back—to thousands of victims!
This is your chance to change lives—your own life and the life of someone in danger! With your gift to United Hatzalah, you save lives!